How Can One Transform A Society, Starting With One Kid At A Time?

To make a big banyan tree one has to start with a sapling. There has to be someone to take care of it, water it every day, for years. Then, perhaps that person will pass away and then next generation shall benefit from the branches, the shade and the strength of it. Or, they could cut it down, and happily make a road to the nearby village or the city highway. Who cares? We never know! This is the fundamental lesson in building a nation, a society at a time, in the same way building a family, one member at a time. This is the motivation when lots of NGOs around the world have been striving hard to reach out to the desolated and unreachable sections of the society struck by famines, epidemic outbreak, war, and flood and so on. Many of them are in a state of despair. They do not have access to proper living conditions. This includes water to drink, a roof that sustains rain and sun, clothes to wear and so on.

As the population has spread across the globe and modernization has bloomed things have changed. But, still, a lot of places struggle to grow crops and survive due to climate change. Many places do not have anything called a school. And, so on.

One kid at a time

This is a novel idea where you get to adopt a child from a certain village, and we have seen better examples too. In some cases, famous people adopt an entire village itself. These consist of small numbers of people like 30 to 50 families at times. There are organizations that make it easy for anyone to contribute to the charity donation and all that money is used to feed these unfortunate people. This is used to make them reachable to the outside world, build a school, and dig wells and so on. This constitutes the welfare of the isolated or crisis stricken area.

When there are children who are orphans or cannot do things on their won, they need external support. This is where the above term of adoption came along. Yes, it is possible to form organizations that take care of them. But, in order to help them run, we need charitable donation camps, campaigns. This is how they collect money as it is impossible for one person to accumulate wealth to sustain everyone. Hence, taking care of one kid at a time helps the job, who grows into a self-sufficient person in future.